Security Required

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So is security required these days? In today’s world the number of businesses without security is far greater than the number of businesses with a security presence. Is that a bad thing, or is that acceptable? The answer is not black and white in many cases.

Security Required

To have a security department of any size requires more than just someone saying we need or we do not need security. However, there are plenty of business owners out there that have made such decisions in the past, and that is likely still happening today. So let’s address those businesses that have made the decision that they do not need a security department.

First, in most cases there is no statutory requirement to have a security department. There are some states and cities that require security measures, such as security cameras or alarms in some types of businesses, but very few require security officers.

The reasons that I have heard over the years regarding not having security officers is the costs, or there is no need to have them because there is very little crime.

Why Have Security

There is no doubt that the cost of security can be high depending on the number of officers and level of services that they provide. I have also seen businesses that were spending millions per year on security staff and without question they were not getting a decent return on their investment.

In this case I am talking about security officers performing services that had nothing to do with security, more so the officers were doing things such as delivering food and mail; washing cars; working on plumbing and so on.  Basically, in those cases you get what you pay for. There is a commercial on television these days that shows a bank robbery in progress and the customers look to the security officer to help them.  However, the officer says he is only there to monitor and report things, nothing more. This type of example plays right into the question regarding why have security if they cannot do anything.

Look at it this way, if you have security officers are they protecting your assets or are they just window dressing?

Do You Need Security

When the time comes to make a decision whether or not to have security officers on staff it is best to conduct your due diligence either way. One of the more sound processes to determine the direction your organization should take is to conduct a comprehensive security assessment so as to determine your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Making a decision to have or not have security has to be based on factual information, not personal opinions or biases.

Again, not all businesses have a security presence and remember that some businesses have security and it is ineffective. There is and always will be the concern with costs, but in some cases businesses cannot afford to not have security.

So do you know if your business needs security or not? If you have security have you evaluated their effectiveness lately?

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