Security Risk Assessment – Managing Physical and Operational Security

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Security Risk Assessment – Managing Physical and Operational SecuritySecurity Risk Assessment Book

Security Consultant John M. White, CPP CHPA of Protection Management LLC’s published book is now included in the reference materials designated by the IAPSC for the Certified Security Consultant (CSC) professional certification.

The International Association of Professional Security Consultants has created the Certified Security Consultant℠ designation for professional, independent security consultants. The CSC℠ reflects a high level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity, and will be the recognized standard for Security Consultants.

The CSC℠ demonstrates your depth of knowledge, professional objectivity, skills as a security consultant, and level of integrity. The CSC℠ requires a combination of experience and education, as well as independence (professional objectivity) and adherence to a Professional Code of Ethics.

When Mr. White was asked about his book being used for the certification of professional security consultants he stated, “It is an honor to have my book Security Risk Assessment – Managing Physical and Operational Security affirmed by my peers and the highly respected leaders of such a fine association. Throughout the years I have used others’ books and reference materials published by many of my peers and admired their work and knowledge levels. I am humbled to be in this group of professionals and I will always strive to share my knowledge with my peers and my clients. My book is my way of giving back to the profession.”

Security Risk Assessment – Managing Physical and Operational Security, published by Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier) ISBN 978-0-12-800221-6 is available at most online stores such as Amazon, ASIS International’s bookstore and many other sites.

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