Security Operations Review

You have a security program in place and yet you are having doubts about how effective they are, or you question if they are up to the ever changing challenges in today’s society.  Maybe there has been a serious incident and you anticipate an outside review as a result of litigation for negligent security or premises liability.  Whatever the case wouldn’t you prefer to know what your vulnerabilities or risks are now, before someone points them out to you?

Request a Security Operations Review Before an Incident Occurs. Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late.

A complete operational assessment of your in-house or contract security department will give you a comprehensive report on where your program is in relation to industry standards, best practices, and regulatory requirements. It will also identify opportunities for improvement. Often times a security department review is included as part of the more comprehensive security risk assessment and their normal goal is to determine if your security program is functioning at the proper level for your business type and location.

Our Typical Security Operations Review Analyzes the Following:

  • Security Operations ReviewContinuing Education
  • Incident Documentation & Trending
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Management Practices & Qualifications
  • Management Training
  • Professionalism
  • Security Equipment
  • Security Personnel Performance
  • Security Policies
  • Security Staff Competency
  • Security Staff Training
  • Security Staffing Levels & Scheduling
  • Weapons (e.g. Justification, Training, Use)

So How Can Protection Management, LLC Assist You?

  • First, at your request our staff will work with your representative to determine your concerns as well as your expectations.
  • We will then take that information and develop a formal proposal for your review that will define what the Project Scope, schedule, and budget will be for your assessment.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal we will work with you to set the project dates and schedule the project.
  • In most cases the onsite review may take between 1-5 days depending on the size of the department.
  • At the completion of the onsite review we will generate a detailed report of our findings and a comprehensive list of recommendations.

Our assessment report will give you options on where to make changes, and how best to make those changes without increasing your existing budget if possible.  Knowing your security department inside and out, and making the proper adjustments in a timely manner, is often the best way to manage your risks.

We have the experience to review existing security management’s qualifications, competence, leadership style, professionalism, and training. Since we are independent we will not steer you in the direction of contracting out security services like other consultants often do. Our approach is to conduct a fair and impartial review and give you the facts needed to make the proper business decisions based on your needs.

Reasons You May Need a Security Operations Review

There are many reasons why an organization may need a full security operations review.

  • No existing adequate security measures in place
  • As a response to a serious security incident at your facility
  • As a response to a security incident in a neighboring or nearby property
  • As a response to an active shooter incident
  • To examine current staff security capabilities

We interview your management team and determine their background and training as compared to industry standards, guidelines and best practices.  We will then determine their motivation to grow and excel in the field.  Our job is to determine what path your staff is willing to take, and once that is determined we will work on a course of action to get them there.  If existing staff is not up to the task, we will provide factual information to explain our reasoning.

Contact The Experienced Experts at Protection Management, LLC

Our President/CEO John M. White, CPP, CHPA, has over 35 years experience in the security and protection field and has taken many security departments to the next level.  He has the experience in setting up new security programs, refining existing ones, or planning for the downsizing of security departments.

Our philosophy is to develop your security management team into professionals, give them the tools to improve, teach them how to increase their knowledge base and seek out professional credentials as a demonstration of their commitment to their profession and your organization.

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