Security Services

The security services Protection Management, LLC provides our clients exceed what most security consultants offer. Our security experts have extensive experience in corporate security management, as well as a military and law enforcement background.

We Determine your Security Services Needs through a Security Risk or Threat Assessment

  • We evaluate and analyze the assessment findings and base our services on proven industry standards and best practices.
  • Our assessment reports offer the most comprehensive details available
  • We provide our clients with an electronic version of our findings and recommendations so you can track their progress as the action plan is executed.

Security Services Provided by Protection Management, LLC

Security Risks Assessments and Reviews

When it comes time to determine your vulnerabilities and risks associated with your security or loss prevention, we offer the most comprehensive assessments and reviews in the industry. They include, but are not limited to:

Threat Mitigation

Each client is unique as are the threats you may be facing. The threats that many businesses face today are unlike anything that we saw 10-30 years ago, and they will likely change in our future. The fact is threats are complex and in many cases unpredictable. However, in order to maintain a safe and secure workplace, management must continuously anticipate and mitigate all possible threats. Protection Management, LLC offers a comprehensive threat assessment that identifies the threats and suggests mitigation strategies.

Security Planning

Every business experiences changes or special circumstances where they need assistance to insure that they are prepared for an unusual event, one that may increase their risks of a security incident. We work with our clients to plan and execute security operations to insure that all attendees, staff, or customers remain safe and secure.

  • High-Risk Termination Planning
  • Downsizing/Lay-off Planning
  • VIP Security Planning
  • Special Event Security Planning
  • Grand Opening Security Planning
  • Business Closures
  • Labor Actions (Strikes/Picketing/Lockouts)

Management Services

Protection Management LLC offers specialized security management services upon request. We can provide the services in-person or online.  Management services include:

Security Training

We provide a wide range of security training services. Our staff has presented to international groups, as well as to civic organizations, company staff, and security professionals. Examples of the training that we have provided include: