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About the Book

Security Expert John M. White, CPP, CHPA, has authored a new book on how to conduct a security risk assessment titled: Security Risk Assessment – Managing Physical and Operational Security. For many years security practitioners have been seeking comprehensive resource materials on how to conduct a proper security risk assessment, and what to do with the information they have collected as a result of their project. That professional security resource is now available for purchase online at and Security Risk Assessment is the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource available on how to conduct a thorough security assessment for any organization. Security Risk Assessment offers security professionals step-by-step guidance for conducting a complete risk assessment. It provides a template giving security professionals the tools needed to conduct an assessment using the most current approaches, theories, and best practices. • Discusses practical and proven techniques for effectively conducting security assessments • Includes interview guides, checklists, and sample reports • Accessibly written for security professionals with different levels of experience conducting security assessments

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