There is no fee for your initial telephone consultation with a security expert at Protection Management, LLC. We also offer our clients continued telephone support at no additional costs as they implement the strategic recommendations that we have provided to them.

Your First Phone Security Consultation is FREE

Our initial contact is often to determine if our expertise and professional services are applicable to a potential client’s needs. Upon request we will provide a written proposal that will detail our services based on your needs, and again there is no cost for the proposal.

Choose Between an Hourly Rate or a Fixed Project Rate

Our services are either billed on an hourly rate plus expenses OR a fixed fee “not to exceed” basis depending on the project and your needs. We recommend the fixed fee approach as this gives you a firm idea of what budget requirements will be up front.

When we state “not to exceed” we mean just that. The budget number that we provide will be firm. So unless there is a change order, an addendum, or amendments to the project’s scope approved in writing by you the client in advance, you will not pay a penny more than our quoted budget for the project.

In many cases our clients have more than one site/campus and they often want multiple security risk assessments performed, yet they are concerned with the total costs for such.  At Protection Management we can provide services to multiple sites and often do so in a way that will save our clients on average of 25% or more on their overall budget.

Protection Management, LLC has a national reach and has been recognized as a leader in providing security consulting services to a variety of business types.  Our professional security consulting services fees are exceptionally competitive and often lower than other firms, even though we often bring more experience and professionalism to the table.

If You Need Interim Management Services, We Will Work on Retainer

Protection Management, LLC also offers “On Retainer” or “Interim Management” services as needed, and the number of hours per month is set by the client in advance and can be increased or cancelled at any time.

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