Have you trained your staff on how to identify a threat? Do you have the proper policies and protocols in place to both discourage and prevent violence in the workplace? Workplace violence ranges from verbal threats to homicide, and in many cases there are warning signs in advance of an incident. Workplace violence is not going away, and one only has to watch the daily news to see examples of it throughout the United States.

Your Best Defense in Preventing Workplace Violence is Planning and Training

In many cases businesses have “No Tolerance” policies in place yet they fail to train staff how to recognize and report a threat of violence. The policy looks good on paper but may be worthless if no one knows it exists, or has never read it. A no tolerance policy is essential, but it has to be known and enforced.  Warning signs cannot be ignored, it is your early warning that trouble may be coming, so we encourage you to act on all cases of aggression whether it is verbal or physical.

Show Your Staff You Care About Their Safety and Stay Alert

  • Offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to give employees an avenue to seek out help for their emotional issues.
  • Offer confidential reporting of workplace violence acts of aggression, or concerns that employees notice.
  • Do not downplay any act, as it may be a precursor to a much more serious event.

Contact us to Develop Workplace Violence Prevention Policies, Training, Response Plans, and Reporting Processes

We will help you determine your areas of concern, your risks, and advise you on how to mitigate your risks. We have training programs in place for your management team, human resources, security, and staff in general. Protection Management, LLC can prepare and present a custom training seminar at your facility using your existing policies, current trends, OSHA facts and findings, and other related information. If your organization does not currently have policies, we can help to formulate new policies and design training sessions to teach your staff on an ongoing basis.

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