Often times finding a new qualified security director or security manager requires an extensive search and more than the average amount of time.

Get Expert Interim Security Management Services for Up to Six Months

Since finding the right professional often times takes 3-6 months, Protection Management, LLC can help you with interim security management services. Interim security management services are available for up to six months.

During the time that our management professional is onsite they will provide:

  • Day-to-Day security management
  • Security policy review
  • Security training
  • Security Officer selection and evaluation
  • Many other services

When you are in need of interim department leadership:

  • Services are arranged on a contractual basis
  • Services are available for either a few days or as long as six months
  • Time-lines will be established up-front to determine your need, and our estimation of a schedule

Plus, depending on the assignment, our consultant may also be able to perform a security assessment at no additional charge.  That can be a substantial savings for an organization.

Key Benefits of Hiring Protection Management, LLC for Interim Security Management

  • Certified Professional Interim Management
  • Highly qualified Manager/Director
  • Extensive experience in turning a program around
  • Take your security department to the next level
  • Get a professional security consultant with a proven track record
  • Security management screening assistance in conjunction with your Human Resources/search firm. We help you hire a qualified professional.

When your organization finds itself in need of a professional to institute change, but cannot wait until they find the right professional staff person, contact Protection Management, LLC, to assist with interim security management. If your organization has a need for these services, why not utilize the services of a professional security management firm that has extensive experience? Our principal consultant has extensive experience in turning around security department operations and setting in motion the process for changes to the continued operations of the department.

Don’t Leave Hiring a Security Professional to a Jack-of-all-Trades Search Firm

Many companies seek out a professional head-hunter or executive search firm to conduct the search and screening. Very few of those search firms know much about professional security. In fact, many do not even advertise that they conduct those types of searches. That’s for a reason; they do not know the business of security. So what are your options? Well, you can contract out the service to a search firm and stumble through the process, or you can advertise yourself and conduct your own internal screening and interviewing provided that you know how to screen security professionals. It is not an easy task because it is such a specialized field. That’s where Protection Management LLC, can help you.

Trust the Experts to Write your Job Description and Advertise the Position

Our consultant John M. White, CPP, CHPA, has conducted interviews of hundreds of security candidates. John is well versed in screening to find the true professional for your organization. Although we are not a search firm, we will work with your Human Resource department to write the job description, advertise in the security trade publications and professional security websites, and screen all applicants. We know where the best candidates are looking for positions, so we can assist your company in getting in front of those professionals.

We Help You Interview and Screen Applicants

Protection Management can participate in the interview and screening process, review all applications and resumes, conduct on-site interviews and qualification review and validations. At the same time, we can provide management for the department. Our consultant talks the talk, and knows how to responsibly screen applicants and find you the best fit.

We Conduct an Extensive Review of Your Security Department Before Hiring a Candidate

Often departments are in need of an extensive review and services adjustment, and changes have to happen to correct past deficiencies and less than desirable management. Protection Management, LLC, can assist you.
The scope of security management issues facing corporations has never been greater. The very reputations of many organizations are on the line and can be irreversibly damaged due to a security incident that is otherwise preventable.

Governing boards and senior management increasingly expect corporate security departments to play a greater role in the company’s governance, compliance and risk management framework and protect the company from future legal and regulatory issues. Protection Management LLC can assist your organization in this critical and often complex responsibility.

We help You Develop Security Strategies, Procedures and Processes

Our professionals work with organizations to develop strategies, procedures, processes and tools to manage the demand and uncertainty of security, threats and investigations. While we advise on operational and technology challenges, we also help security departments respond to specific security management issues.

Contact Protection Management, LLC Today for Interim Security Management

Interim managers are highly specialized persons who normally have vast experience in a particular field. As time has progressed, this industry is becoming highly segmented and competitive in nature. Since it’s a niche field, it is very important that a candidate must possess an excellent track record in order to be successful. When you are considering an interim security manager, require that that person be Board Certified in Security Management and a Certified Protection Professional (CPP). Anything less may actually increase your liability. At Protection Management, LLC, we are Certified Protection Professionals with an internationally recognized standard of excellence. Contact us today.

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