Protection Management, LLC, prides itself on finding a balance of an open, friendly apartment community with a safe and secure living environment that will prove to the residents you feel their security is your top priority.

Provide Peace of Mind with an Apartment Security Consultant

Our board-certified consultant can assess your property for cost-saving, time and energy-reducing solutions that are industry best practices in the multi-family dwelling environment. You cannot prevent your residents from being targets of crime, but you can help them be harder targets by allowing our apartment security consultant to create a plan to detect, deny, delay and deter potential criminal activities.

A complete apartment consultation will include an analysis of:

  • Security Measures
  • Security Policies
  • Operations
  • Training
  • And Other Factors

Risk Assessment: Apartment Security Through the Eyes of the Criminal

Most crimes against apartment communities are crimes of theft. Criminals target the community because it is:

    1. Familiar: Criminals most often chose a target close to their place of residence.
    2. Shopping-Friendly: Unlike a residential neighborhood theft, apartments offer the opportunity for the criminal to browse for victims very quickly to avoid detection.
    3. Visible: The potential thief can survey the property for weaknesses in security without arousing suspicion.

Prevention is the Best Approach to a Well-Established Apartment Security Plan

Our apartment security consultations are designed to help you be proactive in your security measures. For more detailed information on the complex processes of conducting an assessment, please see our Security Risk Assessment Process.

We Have a Proven Track Record of Reducing the Threat of Crime, Violence, Vulnerabilities and Potential Liability with Our Security Risk Assessment Recommendations

Protection Management, LLC, provides our clients with an independent assessment by board certified security professionals in security management. Let us bring our expertise to your apartment community.

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