Hospital Security

Hospital security is unlike security in any other industry or field and is also more regulated. As such, the hospital security jobs in general can be demanding, frustrating, and exhausting at [...]

Mass Shootings Risks

With the ongoing crisis where we have mass shootings at businesses and other places, one might ask what can be done about it. Some will blame the guns, others will be quick to claim racism before [...]

Armed Security

If you have, or plan on having armed security officers at your business, do you fully understand the risks and liability exposure that that will bring with it? Over the years I have stated in no [...]

First Amendment Audits

There has been a trend that is becoming more common across the United States where people go out and test the responses of police officers, security officers, and business owners. They call [...]

Security Post Orders

What is a Security Post Order? Post Orders are based on standard operating procedures (SOPs), which should be site specific. By specifying organizational expectations, SOPs help managers [...]

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