We have decades of experience in the industry, here is what just a few of our happy customers have to say.

  • “John White is a receptive and professional individual, he is very observant and provides great input and is truly a genuine person.”

    Manuel L.
  • “John was always professional and upbeat. He was very committed to the safety of the patients, staff and visitors and was extremely thorough in everything he did. John understands the complexities of providing a secure environment at a medical facility while respecting individual needs.”

    Barb T. Medical Center
  • “Thank You! You have transformed Security and made it a safer and better work life for all of our employees, patients, and visitors.”

    Carol L.
  • “I have known and worked with John since 2005 and during that time, I have found him to be an exceptionally honest and forthright person. He has earned a reputation for being responsive and a team player. John is an experienced and effective security professional with a strong work ethic. John was responsible for many significant and important security improvements to our organization. I can recommend John to your organization without reservation.”

    Marty M.
  • “Protection Management performed very well for our facility. They thoroughly reviewed documentation and offered great feedback. They were professional and related to the challenges we all face in healthcare.”

    James L.
  • “I have known John for over twenty years and I consider him not only a dear friend but a great leader. I have seen him in many of the most serious and stressful situations act in a very controlled and cool manner. He displays at all times a can do win-win attitude and the highest of character traits. He is a natural leader and trainer.”

    Chris M.
  • "Thanks! I appreciate all your help and I enjoyed working with you.”

    Samantha L.
  • "I would recommend John for any security position or contract within an educational setting. John understands the complexities of providing youth a secure environment while respecting their individual needs."

    Barb T. University
  • “John White is a strong professional in his field and an exceptional asset. His knowledge of security and its procedures is immeasurable.”

    Robert K.
  • “I would not hesitate to use John White to plan a large, important event. His judgment is sound and based on experience. I highly recommend him.”

    Charles W. Police Sergeant (retired)
  • “John is a dedicated consulting professional. He is relentless in providing quality and impartial service to his clients. I regard his experience and skillfulness as one of the leading security consultants in the Healthcare industry; and I recommend John to those interested in an effective and competent security consultant in his field of expertise. He exudes diplomacy, with an approachable personality, and is quite motivating.”

    Mike J.
  • “Just wanted to thank you for coordinating the security efforts during the strike. It was basically uneventful and without chaos. Thanks for doing a great job!”

    Dan N. Hospital CEO
  • “John White is a receptive and professional individual, he is very observant and provides great input and is truly a genuine person.”

    Manuel L.
  • “I have found John to be an intelligent, honest, conscientious, organized and a valuable resource. He maintains high professional standards, has excellent critical-thinking skills and, better yet, consistently exhibits common sense thinking. He has a vast knowledge of the laws, regulations and best practices that are essential to successful security management and oversight. Given John’s vast knowledge and expertise in security operations, management, training and liability, I am confident that he will prove to be a valuable asset to any business, company or organization.”

    Brenda B.
  • “John brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience to support his in depth support for hospital security measures and best practices. I highly recommend John White and would suggest his services to anyone experiencing security issues in the healthcare setting from minor to very complex resolutions.”

    Mike W.
  • “I am extremely honored to endorse John White as a valued business associate and mentor. John's attention to detail and vast experience in his industry all but guarantee his professional success. Though never one to draw attention to himself, John's positive attitude, commitment to customer satisfaction and professional ethics make him an extremely valuable resource.”

    Jim S. Security Integrator
  • "John is very consistent and precise in his survey.”

    Terry B.
  • “You revised our policies and procedures to make our staff and patients more secure. Most of all, you raised the consciousness of safety throughout our organization with patient, persistent education.”

    Mark C.
  • "John and his team really know their stuff...."

    L Lehman CEO

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