Times are changing in our world, and the days of not having to worry about your own safety and security, or depending on someone else to insure your safety are likely behind us. Many companies 5-10 years ago did not find a need to have a security presence, and in fact many of them had minimal security safeguards in place.

The chance of a new employee receiving any type of security awareness training was almost non-existent prior to 2001, and there are still many companies that do not provide any to new or existing staff.

The threats to businesses and personnel are continuously changing, and in many cases the potential for theft or damage to a company’s assets are increasing without warning. Those companies that have a security presence understand that security cannot be everywhere.

The use of security officers within businesses fluctuates from time-to-time, and during the recent economic recession many businesses reduced or eliminated their security staffing. We understand that happens, and that with the proper planning that may not increase your vulnerabilities or threat levels. The key though, is to know how to make the change properly to avoid any increased liability.

The Best Security Program Is the One with Full Staff Acceptance

We have found that over the last several years that organizations with the best security programs are those that have the full acceptance of all staff working within the organization. In those cases of educational institutions or housing facilities, we have also identified where the students or tenants understand their role with regards to security, the programs are much more effective. With the appropriate training staff or students can become an organization’s most reliable security tool.

There are many security functions that your staff can fulfill if they are trained on what to watch for and how to report security breaches or threats. Yet if they are not trained, or if they are not aware of the importance of security, the chances of them saying anything at all are diminished.

Your Staff is a Loss Prevention Tool For Your Facility

Like security technology, employees and students need to be a loss prevention tool for your facility. Security cameras will record what happened as a visual confirmation. However, unlike humans they cannot record the others senses that a person can, including the emotions of an incident.

A Security Awareness Training Program Cannot Be a One-Time Effort

The most effective program entails continuous training and communication between management and staff. Protection Management LLC, offers customizable training programs that will blend effortlessly into your unique culture. The training will be aligned with your current security risks or vulnerabilities, as well as your business type and location.

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