Since you are looking at this page, it is probably safe to assume that you have a security question or are in need of a security expert to assist your organization. You have come to the right place. Protection Management LLC, consultants have over 35 years of professional experience in protecting people and property. Our experts are Board Certified in Security Management and have the highest level certification for the security industry.

We provide professional, unbiased and independent security consulting services to our clients. As our Mission Statement reads; Our purpose is to work with clients to build trust and provide quality service that promotes professionalism, ensures fiscal responsibility, prevents crime, reduces the fear of crime, and promotes safety.

Whether you are interested in Security Management Mentoring, an Active Shooter Assessment, Expert Witness Services, Workplace Violence Security and more, we can help. Submit the form below for a free telephone consultation and find out for yourself how we can handle your security consulting needs.

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Protection Management, LLC is a full service professional security consultant company serving North America and Europe.

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